The great Controversy has an end

It’s up to us when such end comes


Contrary to what the Adversary wants us to believe, the Great Controversy between God and Satan is not an infinite game (*). it will not go on and on forever. It is a finite confrontation, it has an end.


The Deceiver knows that his domain will come to an end upon Jesus’ return. So his only way to delay his demise is by postponing the Saviour’s return.  If he keeps convincing generation after generation that the Gospel Commission is just for a few, he is safe. The Gospel doesn’t reach every human being, and the end of Matthew 24:14 doesn’t take place. He will continue running his government (and wreaking havoc our planet) for as long he is able to deceive God’s people not to commit wholeheartedly to share the Gospel with every human being.

(*) Finite games are those with a clear beginning, defined set of rules and an endpoint. It has winners and losers. Examples of these are football, baseball or chess games.

Infinite games have a beginning, but not an end. Their player can be known and unknown, the rules are changeable, and the objective is just to continue playing. There are not winners or losers. Examples of these games are politics, trade, show business, etc.

What We Do Now prepare us to enjoy God’s fullness for eternity

TrustING God and allow him to restore His image in US

Let Him restore His image in us, so our plans and priorities will be His.


Approximate number of Seventh-day Adventist (in millions)

Approximate number of people to be reachED (in millions)

Approximate number of people born YEARLY (in Millions)

Why Indestructible kindness?

Because it leads to repentance

The number of people choosing no religious afiliation is on the rise around the world.  Concepts like evolution remove God from the equation of life have an important role. At the same time, popular ideas such as eternal torment in hell, present a cruel deity that produces fear and/or repulsion.

People need to know God’s everlasting love, His loving and indestructible kindness.


End of the game

Our Mission

To help God’s church recover its previous enthusiasm for completing the Great Commission by finding new roads and tools that can help every church member around the world to reach hundreds or even thousands with God’s relevant message for our time in a winsome manner.

We recognize that on the one hand, God’s purpose is that each one of us actually shares His loving kindness with the whole world. This is how God is going to win the war, by the power of His love. On the other hand we realized that in the last 100 years we have fallen far behind and need to catch up.

Our Story

In 2008 we started assisting other Adventist outreach ministries. Our first product was window decals, which have been used in three continents. They proved to be very effective and affordable. Click here to watch a short video clip showing an Adventist Pastor’s perspective.

We had the opportunity to start the first outreach project at at the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa . We also have assisted Amazing Facts, It Is Written and other ASI ministries by using outdoor media in promoting their outreach.

At this time we have 3 websites promoting God’s goodness as the gateway to happiness: (for the U.S.) (for Mexico)


1843 – 1844

Millerite Movement

A strong proclamation that resonated around the world. It lead to the Great Dissapointment.

1863 to the present

Establishment and Development of the Seventh-day Adventist Church

From 3,500 members in 1863 to 22 million in 2022


The Last and Most Important Sign

Just as our Lord stated it, the Gospel (the truth about God’s character), needs to reach every person on Earth prior to His return.


Jesus’ Return

After all those whose names are written in the Book of Life complete the proclamation of God’s goodness to the world, our Lord returns. This is the end we read in Matthew 24:14.


God doesn’t expect us to play by the enemy’s rules. It’s possible and most important to reach every person on Earth with the gospel. That way, the end will come (Mat. 24:14).


See for yourself how your area (city, state, country, etc.) is doing mission wise

Just enter the number of church members, the number of people to reach in your territory. You will see the market penetration rate of the Adventist message in that particular region